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Koukidis Painting Gets the Works—Custom Web Design & Search Engine Marketing Services

Norwalk, CT, April 6, 2007 – Koukidis Painting, Inc. is announcing the release of its fabulously designed corporate website this week: www.koukidispainting.comThe site sports a hi-tech 2D design with flash animation, a thorough outline of the company’s services, and a classy artist look and feel.

Koukidis Painting is an interior and exterior home and commercial painting company that has been serving Southeastern Connecticut and Westchester County since 1978. The firm is one of Norwalk, Connecticut’s oldest and most renowned painting businesses. Koukidis has become famously known as the company that contractors select to paint their homes, that clients tell their friends about, that property managers use to impress their bosses, and that neighbors call after watching paint the house next door.

Koukidis Painting called upon the talents of a fellow Norwalk, CT-based firm, All Access Unlimited, to reflect the company’s professional brand via the web using a special custom design. All Access Unlimited (http://www.allaccessunlimited.com/) is a full service interactive marketing agency specializing in web development, graphic design, and marketing. The company uses a best practice approach to achieve high ROI websites, multimedia, search engine marketing and traditional advertising.

“We develop ways for businesses to grow—whether it’s through online marketing or offline promotions,” said Frank Siano, Operations Manager. “Unlike the vast majority of web companies, our sites come with expert content writing. In short, our sites are designed to attract attention, increase interest, develop desire, create credibility and call a company’s target audience to perform a specific action—whether it’s to buy, contact, subscribe, join, or something along these lines.”

“Working with AAU was simple and easy,” said Nick Koukidis, President of Koukidis Painting. “After a two hour Q & A session, my website just appeared and came to life before my eyes. The best part is, I’m now noticing a big increase in interest and a boost in sales. Homeowners and property managers are responding to the text on my website—like my written guarantee, the multiple services I provide, and all the benefits of choosing us over a less experienced company. AAU knew how to explain it all, and this has made all the difference.”

Koukidis is also scheduled to start marketing their company online, via a relatively new marketing channel called “Search Engine Marketing.”

“It basically works like the Yellow Pages,” said Frank Siano. “A one-time ad in a magazine or newspaper quickly becomes yesterday’s news. But when you market online, you pay only for reaching the people that are intent on buying, that are intent on selecting a product or service, and that actually visit your website.”

For more information and to read more about Koukidis Painting’s products and services, visit www.koukidispainting.com. For a free marketing consultation, contact All Access Unlimited via the firm’s website: http://www.allaccessunlimited.com/
© All Access Unlimited, LLC, 2007. All Rights Reserved. All Access Unlimited provides high conversion web design, action generating copywriting, and results-driven marketing to companies across the world. Coming from traditional design backgrounds, specialized marketing training, and real-life N.Y.C. business experience, AAU can help your organization expand and grow in the American and world markets. Visit the company’s website at: http://www.allaccessunlimited.com/
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