Top Ten SEO Mistakes Many Stamford Web Design Companies Make

Top Ten SEO Mistakes Many Stamford Web Design Companies Make

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is effective―but only when done properly.

In the past few years, local (Fairfield County) companies of all kinds―dentists, lawyers, plumbers, restaurants, gyms, painting companies, insurance firms and more―have contacted us, asking about our SEO services.

They tell us that the “one-time optimization” that their local Stamford Web Design company promised as part of their “website package deal” did nothing for them.

Being that we’re based in Stamford, Connecticut (CT), it’s a sad thing for us to hear that a local business paid a fellow Stamford Web Design company for a one-time optimization of their website, only to realize that this optimization did nothing for them.

True optimization is an ongoing process, not a one-time feat.

We tell our clients to avoid these top 10 mistakes that many Stamford Web Design companies and even reputable SEO companies often make, to have the most success:

Mistake #1: Targeting the wrong keywords. This is a common mistake we see Stamford Web Design companies often make. You should do your best to ensure that you have keywords users actually search for, not just ones that sound good.

Mistake #2: Ignoring title tags. So many Stamford Web Design firms leave the website title tags empty, which is NOT effective at all. Adding a title tag helps with optimization, and also makes your pages look complete.

Mistake #3: Limiting accessibility. Having a Flash website is great. They’re fun, interactive, and they look pretty. However, not having an HTML alternative turns off search engines and visitors who have slower connections.

Mistake #4: Menus with JavaScript. Search engines don’t read JavaScript, so you should consider having links elsewhere or doing them in HTML so search engines can read them.

Mistake #5: Lack of maintenance. You can’t just put your site up and leave it forever. Just like a physical business, it needs to be updated, maintained, cleaned, and changed over time to be most effective.

Mistake #6: Meta tag overload. While meta tags are effective, spending too much focus on them is not a good idea They’re not as important as they once were, and will be much less critical than other parts of your site.

Mistake #7: Image-only headings. Images do make your site look good, but headlines will do much more for SEO than any graphic. Try putting images under headlines instead, to get the best of both worlds.

Mistake #8: Forgetting the URL. Your URL matters. You need to make sure that your URL speaks to your page content so that it can add to your SEO success. Consider something like www.DanTheSEOProfessoinal.com instead of just www.DanJenkins.com, for example.

Mistake #9: Spam via backlinks. So many people assume that more backlinks are better than less, but that spells trouble right away. Quality is far more important for your backlinks than quantity, and over-linking will rule you a spammer and may get you kicked out of search engines.

Mistake #10: Lack of keywords. Just like having too many keywords, not having enough will kill your website’s SEO success. Focus on adding keywords wherever you can, with a standard of 1-2 keywords per 100 words. More will border on the line of spamming and less will not do your website justice.

These are the top 10 mistakes that are made by Stamford Web Design companies when it comes to SEO.

In order to steer clear of these and other similar SEO mistakes, keep this list in mind when doing SEO for your website or when paying a local Stamford Web Design company for SEO.

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